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In the time it takes you to read this, at least one U.S. child has been trafficked. Many victims are tortured, sexually abused or conscripted into the secretive world of the international sex trade.

While it is easier to write off the dangers and assume such horrible things can only happen to others, that is not the case. These crimes are all too common and victims come from every segment of our society; in your neighborhood, your town, on your street.

According to a recent study published by the Department of Justice, roughly 750,000 American children are reported missing each year. Of that number, unofficial estimates show that 100,000+ are enslaved into the world of human trafficking, forced into prostitution and pornography. These children are being bought, sold, and discarded, and there is no effective means to end it. Until now.


“We learned first hand about the worst problem facing mankind, and in that knowledge, having the skill sets to effect change, we had to act. Immediately.”

#LizzyStrong Orgs

dividerLizzy’s passion to run and fight human trafficking led her to support organizations that shared her passion and emulated her spirit. Run #LizzyStrong will benefit these organizations.


DeliverFund disrupts global human trafficking markets by combining uniquely qualified personnel with the best technologies, and then leveraging them in new ways to reach and rescue the victims of human trafficking. Learn more at


Venture spends its greatest energies on the worlds greatest needs as an active response to the Gospel. It partners with organizations like DelieverFund to help some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Learn more at



Do your part to fight human trafficking by joining us on April 27 or helping us meet our fundraising goal.

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